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Name: Brenda
Geography: CA, US
Date: Aug 09, 2012
Type: Document Editing
Time: 1 hours 5 minutes

Here's what our customer said:

Great job, and finished with a very short time line!
Brenda, CA, US

Other reviews by AskSunday customers:

Garkalnes nov., Latvia
Apr 17, 2014
The task was very well executed and overall I am satisfied with the result. Thank you!
James ,
Ontario, Canada
Apr 14, 2014
Perfect Work. Well done. Complete to my standards
South Carolina, US
Apr 14, 2014
Within 30min of my request, My DA and I met and worked on our first project.
Kentucky, US
Apr 11, 2014
My DA has been very friendly, thorough, and timely in all communication.
James ,
Ontario, Canada
Apr 10, 2014
My DA did exactly what I was looking for. Wonderful job.
Texas, US
Apr 09, 2014
My DA did a good work, got valuable information that I requested.